Marshall Advantages

Marshall’s proven roadmap ensures you will achieve your goals and objectives.


Why Marshall is Unique

We have hired the right people that have the expertise to help drive your team to a winning growth strategy. Our team consists of ex-Amazon employees, supply chain experts, SEO certified copy writers and PPC advertising experts. We understand the importance of monitoring and measuring results on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Our eCommerce team is dedicated to driving sales and providing actionable recommendations based on real-time analyses through our in-house proprietary software tools.

The Marshall Approach

We formulated a holistic approach to develop and execute an effective and proven eCommerce strategy for our brand partners. Accelerating sales, building brands, increasing profitability and driving conversion is the primary focus at Marshall. We implement a 4-tiered approach to help you succeed which includes a tailored approach on:

  1. Catalog and Detail Pages,
  2. Inventory and Operations,
  3. Enhanced Branding,
  4. and Traffic Drivers.
Catalog and Detail Pages
Inventory and Operations
Enhanced branding
Traffic Drivers


Manufacturer joined Amazon 1P vendor central platform 2+ years ago and quickly built a seven-figure business but still was not large enough to warrant the attention of an Amazon vendor manager. Due to the 1P self-service model this manufacturer was not able to pass along cost increases and was never able to receive a response back from Amazon. To maintain margin and manage their brand across the different retail channels they reached out to Marshall.


Marshall reviewed the business and recommended transitioning to the 3P FBA platform to have more control over their business versus the 1P vendor central model. Marshall ran multiple analyses for their brand to understand pricing, forecasting and labeling and set retails to hit target margin requirements. A new launch plan was put in place to strategically build up FBA inventory while their 1P vendor central account was selling through current Amazon warehouse inventory to avoid higher FBA storage rates & buy box competition.


Manufacturer maintained strong double-digit growth, sustained healthy profit margins and is now in a better position to manage their omni-channel brand strategy.


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